Coordinating COVID-19
Food Relief Efforts 

Disaster Food Connect is a centralized system of communication and coordination between food relief organizations in southeastern NC. The purpose is to avoid duplication of efforts, identify service area gaps, enhance collaboration, and maximize resources.

Participating organizations are entered into a database and they submit brief status updates on a regular basis. We then help reallocate supplies and other resources by connecting those with shortages to those with surplus.


The Cape Fear Food Council is a grassroots collaboration of individuals and organizations based in and around Wilmington, North Carolina that share a common interest in the local food system. The council is comprised of over 30 nonprofits, small businesses and governmental entities that are working together to coordinate our collective efforts and advocate for system-wide change. Together we offer a unified voice to campaign for improved policies at the local and state levels. The council is arranged into four committees, each with a focus on a different aspect of the local food system: Production & Processing, Distribution, Access and Waste Reduction & Resource Recovery. Each committee and the council's leadership team meet on a monthly basis, in addition to bi-annual council-wide meetings, all of which are open to the public.